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Mission of LOJA


Lion of Judah Academy seeks to honor God as Creator, Redeemer, and Enabler. We strive to provide a quality education that is based on the Word of God. Our aim is to help each student discover and develop his/her God-given gifts so that they may honor God by serving Him, loving each other, and being stewards of His creation.




Vision of LOJA



Lion of Judah Academy will provide a Christ-centered, child-focused education, seeking to teach our children’s the academics needs that will engage and impact their lives for the future while maintaining a school size that maintains a class size and composition that allows the needs of every student to be met.


Lion of Judah Academy will maintain a Christian family focus while embracing those who are willing to uphold Christian values. Lion of Judah Academy will preserve its core identity as a Christian school, even as it seeks to grow enrollment and expand programs.


Lion of Judah Academy will provide an educational program that integrates technology, hands-on learning, outdoor learning, and community service. Creative programming will meet the needs of families seeking unique learning experiences and community engagement.

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