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The Lion of Judah Academy consists of Kindergarten through 8th grade. At the Lion of Judah Academy, the faculty and staff are committed to develop the academic foundation and maintain the excitement for education throughout the student’s time here. We instill the values and work ethics they need preparing them for high school and college.


We use the ABEKA program as our core curriculum but we enhance it (with our own twist) to ensure that we maximize growth in the intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, physical, and cultural areas. Every effort is made to understand each student’s particular learning style. The teachers use visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile teaching methods in the classrooms in order to engage, motivate, and stimulate each student’s unique learning style. Middle School students will be expected to be more independent and accept more responsibilities as they grow. The Middle School experiences are planned with the knowledge of where the students have been at the Elementary School and where they will be going as members of the High School and beyond.


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